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Quantity: 1 Balloon Stick

Light up latex balloons with Super light-weight Light Up Balloon Sticks

Designed to work with 11" (air-filled), 14", 16", 17", 24", 36" latex balloons, and GEMS Balloons.

The Light Up Balloon Stick puts the light where you want it, right in the middle of the balloon for maximum impact. With replaceable batteries, this is reusable decor that makes a lasting impact.

The Light Up Balloon Stick outshines others with a brighter light. It adds even more than just light with variable flashing patterns, which keeps the design interesting through out the night. In addition, the Light Up Balloon Stick changes the color of the light, too! The effect is decor that comes alive during the event, changing patterns and colors, continually pleasing and surprising guests. Add light, color, and action with the Light Up Balloon Stick!

- Stem can be inserted into 11", 14", 16", 17", 24" and 36" latex balloons, and GEMS Balloons.
- Illuminates the center of the balloon, rather than the neck or top.
- Replaceable battery lasts 48 hours and has On/Off switch located at the base.
- When turned on, the light cycles through a myriad of alternating colors.
- 16" and larger latex treated with Ultra HiFloat will float for a week with the Light Up Balloon Stick.
- Installs in latex balloons quickly. Seal at the neck with a cable tie.

Note: 11" Latex will not float if filled with helium and contains The Light Up Balloon Stick. Fill 11" latex with air.

Dimensions: 4.75" from top bottom, 3" LED Light Stem.

See the Balloon Light Stick in Action: