Premium Balloon Accessories

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Digitally and accurately size and inflate latex and foil balloons of all sizes with helium or nitrogen.

• Electronically and digitally inflates and sizes two latex balloons at once.
• Inflates using Helium, Nitrogen or compressed air.
• Can inflate using one or both nozzles while inflating balloons to the same or different sizes.
• Can switch from Helium to Nitrogen quickly and easily.
• Comes with inflation counter to track total number of balloons inflated + decrease button for each nozzle, if one pops.
• Decrease button zero's count when continuously depressed.
• Comes with high quality, padded protective carrying case.
• Designed to allow Premium's 3-In-One Inflator to be attached to it for inflating all types of balloons including high-pressure balloons (Orbz).
• Includes power cord.
• 1-year conditional warranty.