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The MagPole, is an extension pole with a standard acme thread, is easy to use, and is push button operated. Your choice of MagMover threaded onto an extension pole will lift the ClikMagnets to metal on the ceilingÉto hang display items while your feet remain safely on the ground.

Length when closed: 5ft 8inches
Length when fully extended: 18ft
MagPole Weight: 7.5 lbs

The MagPole is a sturdy five section, 4 push button telescoping extension pole with a fiberglass handle. The end tip has the acme thread.

The push buttons make it easy to extend and close the MagPole. No twisting of the sections.

It closes to 5ft 8 inches for easy eye-level loading of the ClikMagnets onto the attached MagMover. This length also fits into most cars for transport to the work site.

Fully extended, the MagPole opens to 18ft (5.5m). Using the reach of your body height, the fully extended MagPole can reach the metal on ceilings with a height of 23 ft.

How to use the MagPole to install items from the metal on a ceiling.

1. With the MagMover threaded onto the end of the MagPole, hold the MagPole in a vertical position, with the base resting on the floor.
2. Place the ClikMagnets (attached with LoopLine to your item) onto the MagMover.
3. Keeping the base on the floor and the MagPole vertical, extend the sections to the desired height.
4. Lift the MagPole and let the ClikMagnets adhere to the metal. Your item is hung.
5. With the Magpole still in a vertical position, set the base on the floor and gently close each opened section.
6. Repeat for the next installation.