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The most efficient line anywhere! Toss your fishing line/wire cable and forget about tying knots or crimping. The built-in loops makes the connection!

How to use the built-in loops to hang self-leveling displays?
• With scissors, cut 2 lines, each with the same number of loops.
• Loop onto the display and the ClikMagnet.
• You are done! Your display hangs level!
• LoopLine is easy to un-loop to re-use onto another display.

Why LoopLine?
Have you ever cut several lines of cord, string or fishing line of equal lengths? Then, working carefully, attached those lines, with knots, to your display to be hung only to find the lines are no longer symmetrical and your item is hanging lopsided? With frustration, have you cut the attached lines (shorter), and tied your knots again, while wondering if it will hang level? These frustrations are history. LoopLine can do what ordinary cord or chain cannot! LoopLine makes attaching line... SIMPLE & FAST.