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Balloon sizer automatically inflates and two latex balloons at a time with Helium, Nitorgen or air. Recommended for Balloon Decorators

The Cube Inflator automatically inflates two balloons to the same size at the tap of the foot pedal. Great for arches, columns and other classic balloon decor. The digital control panel allows you to easily set and adjust the inflation cycle by tenths of a second to accurately size balloons. Adjustable regulator allows for unlimited size settings and size consistency from a full to empty cylinder. Primary Regulator features a 6-foot supply hose with a latex push valve for manually inflating individual balloons. Electric inflator operates from a helium or nitrogen cylinder, or an air compressor.

Proper balloon sizing ensures correct costing and customer satisfaction and eliminates popped balloons and wasted helium. Adjustable regulator allows for unlimited size settings and size consistency from a full to empty cylinder. Gets the job done faster, more efficiently, and best of all, more profitably!

Choose from one of the many add-on accessories to save on helium costs, quickly switch from helium to nitrogen and more.

* When using an air compressor with the The Cube Inflator, it's recommended you use Conwin's Air Compressor Hook-Up Hose to ensure moisture and dirt does not enter the inflator.

• 2 Sound Reduction (SR) Outlets
• 2 Extension Tips
• 1 Foot Pedal
• 1 Power Cord
• 1 Primary Regulator with 6ft Supply Hose
• Ribbon Cutter
• Disc Tyer Post
• Pressure Gauge
• Instruction Sheet with Size Settings

All Conwin Products Include:
• A Manufacturer Product Warranty on Manufacturer Defects and Product Workmanship.
• The Flo-Loc® - Conwin's exclusive safety feature that automatically activates if the inflator is damaged while under pressure, reducing the flow of gas to a safe level.

Important: Equipment is threaded for cylinders with CGA 580 valves (helium and nitrogen tanks). Inflator is 110 volt and recommended for use in USA, Canada, and Mexico. For international orders, please contact us.