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An upgrade kit for Gizmo Balloon 17" In-Ground Bouquet System and Gizmo Balloon 17" In-Ground Bouquet System + Base, allows you to create a more impactful presentation by adding an additional 3 Balloon Gizmo balloons to the arrangement. Kit includes all components needed to upgrade. Balloons not included.

• 3 - Gizmo Balloon Connector Clip
• 3 - Standard Gizmo Rod
• 1 - Gizmo 3-Way Bouquet Bracket

About Balloon Gizmos:Balloon Gizmos are re-usable vinyl balloons that you fill with air and connect onto easy to use Gizmo rods and clips to display. These long-lasting balloons are durable, require no helium, and are more cost effective than traditional balloons.

Balloon Gizmos are great for advertising with and are excellent for:
• New & Used Car Lots
• Automotive Showrooms
• Residential Sales & Leasing
• Retail Store Fronts
• Restaurants
• Sporting Events
• Weddings, Party Venues, Festivals and Special Events