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The NEW, updated QBN Kits are packed with proven techniques and systems to help you sell more balloons and make more money. Because the Kits center on DVDs, learning is quick and refreshers are even easier.

The QBN Balloon Decor Kit focuses on techniques for desiging room decor, table decor, advanced decor, marketing and selling balloon decor. Recommended for balloon professionals who already have a balloon decorating business or are interested in opening one. This is the third kit in the QBN (Qualatex Balloon Network) program required to earning your CBA (Certified Balloon Artist).

QBN Balloon Decor Kit Includes:

• 1 DVD (1 hr., 9 mins.)
• Qualatex Catalog
• Online Reference Material and Test

What You'll Learn:

Designing Room Decor
• Understanding Design: Line, Principles, Proportion & Scale, Balance, Rhythm, & Harmony

Table Decor
• Decorating Tables
• Designing for Tables: Floral Arrangements & Plants, Sand Balloons, Bow Bases, & Gift Boxes

Marketing & Selling Balloon Decor
• Portfolio & Idea Book
• QBN Membership & CBA Designation
• Networking
• Weddings
• Past Customers
• Phone Calls
• Selling the Effect
• Drawing up a Contract

Advanced Decor
• Making Garland Smaller and Larger
• Adding Value
• Lighting
• Double Stuffing Balloons
• Making Topiaries
• Decorating with Fantasy Clouds
• Creating Heart Sculptures
• Making SDS Balloon Walls
• Rigging Made Simple
• Creating Balloon Drops
• Planning for Success