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The NEW, updated QBN Kits are packed with proven techniques and systems to help you sell more balloons and make more money. Because the Kits center on DVDs, learning is quick and refreshers are even easier.

The QBN Balloon Deliveries & Bouquets Kit focuses on tips and techniques to adding value to your balloon bouquets and covers business practices, delivery presentations, design principles, marketing and merchandising. Recommended for businesses offering balloon deliveries. This is the second kit in the QBN (Qualatex Balloon Network) program required to earning your CBA (Certified Balloon Artist).

QBN Balloon Deliveries & Bouquets Kit Includes:
• 1 DVD (50 mins.)
• Qualatex Catalog
• Online Reference Material and Test

What You'll Learn:

• Training Employees
• Taking Orders
• Transporting Balloons

Delivery Presentations
• Entrance
• Presentation
• Exit

Design Principles & Elements
• Designing Bouquets
• Principles & Elements of Design: Color, Texture, & Proportion

Marketing & Merchandising

Added Value
• BIG Bouquets
• Long-lasting Latex Balloons
• Printed Balloons
• Personalization
• Hearts
• Balloon Collars
• Confetti Balloons
• Hot-air Balloons
• Double Bubbles
• Gumballs
• Balloon Flowers
• GEO Donut Balloons
• Pacifiers
• Adhesives
• Balloon Faces
• Floating Fish
• 1 DVD (50 mins.)
• Qualatex Catalog
• Online Reference Material and Test