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Build-A-Net Balloon Drop Netting is made of a strong light-weight black 3/4" mesh. It is specifically designed by LA Balloons for professional looking Balloon Drops. Netting can hold balloons of all sizes and materials. Each square measures 3/4". Netting is available in 25ft, 50ft, 100ft and 200ft lengths and all nets are 14-feet wide.

Create and build your own Drops into the desired size required for the event space. Build-A-Net netting is easy to cut to size with scissors. The netting can be cut to the exact size to fit the room ceiling. Quickly stitch the netting together using cable ties to create larger custom sizes.

Use the netting for:
- Organic Ceiling installations and easily attach balloons directly onto the netting in individual balloons or in balloon duplets or balloon quads.
- Cover balloon sculpture frames to create attachments points for placing balloons in sculpture designs.
- Custom Balloon Drop of any size