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Lagenda's Dual Outlet Air Sizer is the ultimate solution for powerful and reliable balloon inflation. This inflator is designed to provide precision results and convenience, making it a must-have tool for all your balloon decorating needs.

With its dual nozzle design, Lagenda’s Dual Outlet Air Sizer allows you to inflate two balloons simultaneously. Whether you need two balloons of the same size or different sizes, this inflator can handle it all. Boost your productivity by eliminating time-consuming individual inflation!

Lagenda's Dual Outlet Air Sizer goes beyond standard inflators by offering a unique feature – it remembers your 5 favorite size settings. This means you can easily recall your preferred inflation settings with the touch of a button, saving you time.

Achieve precise results with ease by setting your inflation time to the tenth of a second. This level of control ensures consistency and accuracy in your balloon decorations.

Designed to work with latex balloons up to 16 inches in size, Lagenda's Dual Outlet Air Sizer provides versatility for a wide range of balloon creations. From air-filled balloon arches, columns, swags, to sculptures, this inflator has got you covered.

To enhance portability and convenience, Lagenda's Dual Outlet Air Sizer comes with a carry case. This allows you to store and transport the inflator easily, making it ideal for balloon decorators on the go.

Upgrade your balloon decorating game with Lagenda's Dual Outlet Air Sizer. Experience powerful and reliable inflation, precision control, and the convenience of dual nozzles. Get ready to create stunning balloon decorations with ease and efficiency.

Backed by a one-year warranty on manufacturer defects and product workmanship.

Features & Benefits:
- Designed for creating air-filled arches, columns, swags and scultptures
- Powerful and reliable dual nozzle inflation
- Simultaneously inflate two balloons for increased productivity
- Save time with 5 favorite size settings
- Precision results with a tenth of a second control
- Versatile for balloons up to 16 inches
- Portable with included carry case

Important: Equipment is 110 volt and recommended for use in USA, Canada, and Mexico. For use in other countries, please contact us.
Product Barcode: 769654032255