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Welcome to ON AIR with LA Balloons Podcast Sponsored by TUFTEX, where we bring you all the fun and excitement of the world of balloons! Join us as we discuss the latest balloon current events and give a shoutout to upcoming balloon artists. Our guest interviews feature industry experts, professional balloon decorators, and balloon artists who share their tips and experiences. From balloon artistry and balloon bouquets to balloon animals and sculptures, we cover it all. So, get ready, and join us for a colorful and entertaining journey into the fascinating world of balloons on ON AIR with LA Balloons Podcast! 

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• Get to Know Us - Personal stories, fun facts, & insights from the team behind LA Balloons!
• Announcements: Industry news, upcoming events, and new products 
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Karen Santamaria

LA Balloons Logistics & Project Manager

Meet Karen, a CSULA alumni with a Bachelor's degree in Child Development, blazing her own trail in the world with a sprinkle of fun and a whole lot of creativity. Despite her shy nature, Karen's all about having a good time and spreading joy wherever she goes. She's also a certified wanderlust traveler, animal lover, and a baking extraordinaire. Want a sneak peek at her sweet creations? Follow her journey @SweetenedByKay for a delicious dose of eye candy!

But wait, there's more! In her day job, Karen is the Logistics and Project Manager at LA Balloons, where she and her awesome team work diligently to make sure your orders arrive faster than you can say "inflate!" And as if that wasn't cool enough, she's also the host of the "ON AIR with LA Balloons" podcast. Tune in to get to know Karen under the lights of a podcast!


Andrew Simon

LA Balloons General Manager

Introducing Andrew, the vibrant heartbeat of LA Balloons! 🎈As our dedicated GM, he's the guiding force behind our quest to deliver nothing short of exceptional service to the balloon community! In 2016, he moved across the country from Maryland to Los Angeles, Ca with his wife Liz and their cat Lionyl. Drawn by the irresistible trifecta of delicious food, invigorating fitness, and that quintessential beach vibe! 🏖️

Andrew graduated with a his bachelor's degree in biology from Towson University in Maryland, and then spent 12 years opening and managing stores all around the US for Under Armour and Abercrombie and Fitch. An expert in people development, operational management, and service satisfaction, he joined the team at LA Balloons in 2018 where he was introduced to the wonderful world of balloons! His diverse background in painting, drawing, sculpture, and photography lends him a unique perspective and appreciation for the balloon industry.Outside the office, Andrew is an avid chocolate enthusiast, rarely going a day without a small treat. He's also the host of the "ON AIR with LA Balloons" podcast, sharing valuable insights, practical tips, and his perspectives on life. When he's not spreading balloon joy, you'll find him hitting the gym, cruising on his motorcycle, or savoring brunch on Sundays—especially if it involves his favorite Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies!

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