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Conwin's Triple Speed Inflator is designed with high-flow fittings to allow for fast simultaneous inflation without distorting the shape of the balloon. Inflator easily attaches to the cylinder with a hand-tight connection and include a pressure gauge to measure how much gas is in the cylinder. Speed Inflators are perfect for inflating large quantities of helium or nitrogen-filled latex balloons fast and efficiently. Great for car lots and balloon releases!

• Balloon Inflator
• 3 Speed Outlets (For Latex Balloons)
• Pressure Gauge
• Hand-Tight Connection

All Conwin Products Include:
• A Manufacturer Product Warranty on Manufacturer Defects and Product Workmanship.
• The Flo-Loc® - Conwin's exclusive safety feature that automatically activates if the inflator is damaged while under pressure, reducing the flow of gas to a safe level.

Important: Equipment is threaded for cylinders with CGA 580 valves (helium and nitrogen tanks). For international orders, please contact us.

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