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The Premium 3-In-One Inflator is the first single, hand-held, inflation device for all types and sizes of helium-filled balloons. Inflator offers two pressure settings, one to inflate foil balloons at a lower pressure and the second to inflate latex and Orbz at a higher pressure.

• Automatically inflates all foils to the correct pressure and size and stops inflating when the balloon is fully inflated.
• Switch to the high pressure function to inflate latex and Orbz balloons.
• The 3-In-One Inflator comes with a Flexi-Hose for convenient inflation away from the helium tank.
• Regulator is designed to connect to standard cylinder.
• Comes with Premium's One-Year Conditional Warranty.

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Important: Equipment is threaded for cylinders with CGA 580 valves (helium and nitrogen tanks). For international orders, please contact us.
Product Barcode: 747083211328

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