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Digitally and accurately size and inflate latex and foil balloons of all sizes with helium or nitrogen.

• Electronically and digitally inflates and sizes two latex balloons at once.
• Inflates using Helium, Nitrogen or compressed air.
• Can inflate using one or both nozzles while inflating balloons to the same or different sizes.
• Can switch from Helium to Nitrogen quickly and easily.
• Comes with inflation counter to track total number of balloons inflated + decrease button for each nozzle, if one pops.
• Decrease button zero's count when continuously depressed.
• Comes with high quality, padded protective carrying case.
• Designed to allow Premium's 3-In-One Inflator to be attached to it for inflating all types of balloons including high-pressure balloons (Orbz).
• Includes power cord.
• 1-year conditional warranty.

* Demo Inflators are equipment that have been lightly used for demonstration purposes. Inflators are checked and tested by our experts to confirm all functions work properly and the unit is in good working order. Demo equipment may have a light amount of visual wear and tear. Any standard warranties from the manufacturers still apply.

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