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Includes an 8 ounce Bottle and Trigger Sprayer

Ready to say goodbye to dull, oxidized balloons? Just spray on the new HI-SHINE, the "wipe-free" way to keep balloons fresh for weeks. It coats balloons without gloves or wiping.

*1 bottle of 8 ounce Hi-Shine can cover up to approximately 200 - 11" balloons.
*Varies depending on the amount user applies to each balloon.

- Keeps latex balloons shiny for weeks and weeks; balloons treated with HI-SHINE look brighter and shinier than when they were first inflated!
- Restore the shine to latex balloons that have become dull or cloudy.
- Use with air-filled decor and helium-filled balloons.
- Safe and non-toxic.
- Combine Hi-Float and HI-SHINE for balloons that defy gravity - and time - for longer than ever.

Benefits & Features:


No More Dull & Cloudy Balloons

Spray Hi-Shine onto the exterior of latex balloons and keep them shiny for weeks. Apply before or after the balloons are cloudy.


Wipe-Free Solution

Simply spray your helium-filled or air-filled latex balloons and in a few hours it dries to a clear shiny coating.


Includes Sprayer

Sprayer distributes Hi-Shine evenly across the balloons. Sprayer includes a built-in locking button to prevent leaks when not in use.


Safe to Use

Hi-Shine is a safe, non-toxic, non-flammable, odor-free solution.

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