Silver Rainbow


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Elevate your balloon arrangements with the 24" x 24" x 52" Twister Balloon Solution – a masterful fusion of practicality and precision. Crafted to perfection, this portable wonder is designed to revolutionize your balloon artistry.

At its core, this solution embodies versatility, boasting dimensions of 24" x 24" x 52" that cater to diverse event needs. The top zipper opening, strategically positioned within 2" from the perimeter on three sides, guarantees quick access to your balloon collection. The front zipper door, complemented by a 9"x9" pocket at its top edge, offers a seamless storage solution for your balloon essentials. On the sleek black bottom, a Velcro X takes center stage, expertly designed to secure balloon bouquet ribbons. All of this is elegantly draped in lightweight polyester fabric, encapsulating a collapsible metal frame that redefines the standards of balloon artistry.
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