Sparkle Lites


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LED Light Colors: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Cyan, Magenta, and White
Available in 10 Packs and 50 Packs

Sticky Lites are the perfect solution to lighting up your decor, centerpieces and so much more!

Sticky Lites are super bright, water proof, LED lights that feature an adhesive backing so you can place them almost anywhere. Designed with an on/off switch, Sticky Lites last up to 12 hours in blinking mode and up to 6 hours on continuous on mode. Each Lite includes 4 mini LED lights for maximum brightness.

Sealed in a water tight containment, Sticky Lites can be submerged into water or placed in pools and are sealed to prevent children from accessing the batteries.

Sticky Lites are great for placing on balloons, in balloons (if helium-filled, 16" and larger), in centerpieces, on walls, in vases, used to light up pathways and more!

Each Lite allows you to select between 7 Colors or choose the Party Lite Mode and transition between all colors.

Pack of 10 Barcode: 720053795127
Pack of 50 Barcode: 720053795110