Support - Color Match Request

Need help matching balloon colors from an image? We're here to help! Simply upload the image(s) in the form below and we'll reply with recommendations.

  • Suggestions we make are recommendations only.
  • It is always best to reach out to the original artist to get the most accurate color match.
  • Many times, lighting, filters, and oxidation will change the original color in the photo.
  • There are thousands of double stuff combinations that can be made to create custom colors.
  • We are not responsible for the balloons and colors that customers ultimately decide to purchase.
  • We are happy to make suggestions based on our subjective point of view and experience.
Pro Tip:
  • Order 5” balloons of the colors you are testing. Once you find the color combination that works for you, then invest in the larger balloons needed for your event.

Responses are made during business hours: Mondays - Fridays (9AM - 5PM)