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NOTE: Balloons DO NOT come pre-stuffed.

11" round Pearl Lavender Blue latex balloons are made up of two balloons to achieve this color effect.

11" latex balloons are perfect for making balloon arches, balloon columns, balloon clusters, and other balloon decorations. Color coordinate these latex balloons with themed foil mylar balloons for the ultimate balloon bouquet!

Double Stuff Kit Includes:
- 1 Bag of 11 inch Qualatex Pale Blue latex balloons (100 Count)
- 1 Bag of 11 inch Qualatex Pearl Lavender latex balloons (100 Count)
- 1 Balloon Straw
- Double Stuffing Instructions

Kit includes everything needed to make 100 - Double-Stuffed Pearl Lavender Blue Balloons.

How to Double-Stuff Balloons:

Double-Stuffing balloons is a great way to achieve a very specific color or effect. Simply insert the included balloon straw into the color marked "Inside balloons". Next slide the balloon color marked "Outside Balloon" over the inside balloon.

Inflating Double-Stuffed Balloons:

Inflate the inside balloon only. The outside balloon will expand as the inside balloon inflates. Finally, tie only the inside balloon.
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