33 inch xBASE™

Silver Rainbow


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Quantity: 1 - 33" Balloon Base X-Frame

33" portable Balloon Base X-Frames are a great economical solution to creating a bases for balloon arches, columns, and sculpture frames.

Balloon Base X-Frames are designed to unfold and expand into a cross design for maximum stability. The stainless steel Riser Pipe comes pre-connected to the Balloon Base X-Frames and includes an extra large eyebolt with a 2" ring; making it easy to screw in and secure your framing pipe and easy to unscrew during takedown. No tools required.

Stainless Steel Riser Pipe features an opening diameter of 15/16 inch, making it ideal for 3/4 inch poles and smaller.

Balloon Base X-Frames work great for Silver Rainbow’s Heart Arch and Star Arch Kits and can be used independently with EMT conduit or PVC pipe.

Add extra weight to your Balloon Base X-Frame by adding on White Pour-A-Base Weights or Black Pour-A-Base Weights over the Riser Pipe.
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