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The 33 inch BALLOON BASE X-FRAME ULTRA is the perfect base plate solution for balloon decor! This base plate measures 33 inches in diameter and 6 inches in height with an easy hand-tight knob for a secure and stable setup. The sturdy and lightweight steel tubing design features stable 90-degree legs that can be locked into an open position. Add additional weight with 16" POUR-A-BASE weights or for outdoor decor on grass, drive stakes through the holes (0.4375" diameter opening) on the legs for maximum stability.

Its snap-click opening and ability to collapse for storage mode make it incredibly portable and easy to transport. The 33 inch BALLOON BASE X-FRAME ULTRA is the ultimate tool for creating impressive balloon columns and arches with ease.

Steel Riser Pipe is designed with a 1.375" diameter opening making it ideal for poles up to 1 inch in diameter.

Features & Benefits:
• 33-inch diameter, 6-inch height
• Secure setup with hand-tight knob
• Stable 90-degree locking legs
• Portable and collapsible for storage
• Perfect base plate for balloon columns, arches, and other air-filled balloon decor

Product Barcode: 769654933125