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36 inch Waffle Pattern Balloons feature a unique and innovative design that enables the seamless connection of multiple balloons to create walls and hide columns. It offers a perfect, easy, and cost-effective solution for creating balloon walls or backdrops, as well as transforming into air-filled stands for foil balloons.

The Waffle Pattern Balloon features a single inflation point designed to be inflated with air using a hand pump. This gradual inflation process allows each of the 7 chambers within the balloon to fill individually, ensuring optimal expansion and stability. Keeping the balloon as flat and straight as possible during inflation helps the air disperse evenly through the chambers.

Waffle Pattern Balloons are ingeniously designed with convenient flaps on both sides. These flaps serve as ideal attachment points for adhesive glue strips or dots, such as U-Glu strips. Simply apply the adhesive onto each flap and use it as a gluing point to connect the next balloon. This method allows for easy assembly of balloon columns and walls. Prior to inflation, glue the Waffle Pattern Balloons together by utilizing the flaps on each side, providing a secure and reliable connection between balloons.

Waffle Pattern Balloons include a specialized ink that allows for strong adhesion with glues and adhesives.

The Waffle Pattern Balloon offers a versatile and convenient solution for air-filled decorations. Whether used to create balloon walls, backdrops, or balloon stands, its unique design, inflation process, and adhesion properties make it an ideal choice for event decorations, parties, and other festive occasions.

Features and benefits
- Inflated Size: 36" x 36"
- Each Panel feature 7 chambers
- Single inflation valve inflates all 7 chambers
- Inflate with air only using a hand pump
- Waffle balloons can be easily adhered together
- Can be used to create to create or hide walls, wrapped around circular columns, create interesting backdrops and more!

Balloon includes a self-sealing valve, preventing the air from escaping after it's inflated. Inflate balloons with air-only. Balloon does not float and arrives uninflated.

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