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Anagram's Balloonformz Mosaic Number 1 - Silver are the easy way to make mosaic balloon decor! Great for graduation celebrations, birthdays, and more! Air-inflate the the BalloonFormz balloon to inflate the rim. Using adhesive glue, attach latex balloons to the interior pocket of the BalloonFormz.

BalloonFormz can hold up to 125 - 5 inch latex balloons. Choose your own latex colors to create unique and stunning designs!

Display by standing the completed Balloonformz against a wall, attach to a wall with adhesive, or hang from the ceiling utilizing the top tabs on the balloon.

Balloon includes a self-sealing valve, preventing the air from escaping after it's inflated. Recommended to be inflated with a balloon hand pump. Does not float with helium. Balloon arrives uninflated. Latex balloons not included.

inflate + assemble

latex balloons are not included

fill foil balloon with air (not helium) using the included straw or a hand pump.

fill latex balloons with air (not helium) to 3" diameter using the included template.

using the adhesive tabs provided, adhere the latex balloons to the foil balloon. do not attach the adhesive tab directly to the knot.

continue adhering latex balloons until complete. optionally, layer additional smaller size latex in between the base layer for extra visual effect.


stand completed BalloonFormz™ against a wall.

attach completed BalloonFormz™ to a wall with adhesive of your choice.

hang completed BalloonFormz™ utilizing the top tabs on the foil balloon.

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