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Create the perfect photo backdrop, entry decor, or decor for a main focal point with Number - 2 Mosaic Frame! Customize your event with these large 59 inch numbers for honoring birthdays, commemorating anniversaries, marking significant business achievements, or accentuating special promotions.

Nikoloon Number Frames arrive unassembled and feature a hard styrofoam back wall that fit tightly together like a large jigsaw puzzle. Easily create the sidewall of the number by gluing (with a Cool Glue Gun) the roll of corrugated cardboard to the sides of Styrofoam back. Once assembled, simply inflate your balloons and attach them into the interior of the number.

Add excitement to your letters with colorful and lightweight Sticky Lights!

Package Includes:
- Styrofoam Backwall
- Corrugated Carboard for Sidewall

Assembled Size: 59" x 35" / 150cm x 90cm
Sidewall Depth: Approx. 4.25" / 10.5cm

Assembly required. Balloons not included.

IMPORTANT: It is recommended to use a Cool Glue Gun when gluing the corrugated cardboard to the Styrofoam back. A standard Hot Glue Gun may dissolve the styrofoam during application.

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