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Quantity: 3 individual letter balloons.

Includes mini straw for easy air-filled inflation.

BOO - Betallic Script Letters Kit foil mylar balloons are the ultimate way to celebrate Halloween or other occasions to display "BOO”!

These air-filled balloons feature strategically placed hang tabs on each balloon allowing you to thread ribbon or string through each letter so they hang evenly and in line with the next letter.

Ribbon/string not included. Inflate balloons with air-only. Balloon does not float and arrives uninflated.

Phrase is made up of individual Betallic letters. Assembly of the phrase is required.

These balloons includes a self-sealing valve, preventing the gas from escaping after it's inflated. Balloons do not float and must be inflated with air. Balloons arrive uninflated.

Note: 14" and 24" letters are designed to work with each other and are in fact in the same balloon line. Dimensions are based off the size of the letter. Example, using a 14" "a" and 24" "t" would spell "at" and would look in proportion to the next letter.
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