BOSS 2000™ - BALLOON DROP NET - 45ft x 4.5ft

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Holds 1000 11" latex or 2000 9" latex balloons.

The BOSS2000 Balloon Drop Net Tunnel is a professional, pre-strung balloon net designed for low ceilings. 45ft long by 4ft in diameter, the net holds up to 2000 9" balloons or 1000 11" balloons. Features collapsible steel wire hoop frames with zipper openings at both ends for fast loading of the balloons, two 75ft pull strings for easy release, and two top corner 20ft rigging lines to adhere your net to the ceiling.

Easy to load, easy to hang, and easy to release! Make yours or your client's event memorable with a reliable balloon release you can count on.
Product Barcode: 769654805453