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Chalk spray is the ultimate for outdoor fun! Use to decorate, create art and draw temporary chalk designs on a variety of exterior surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, sand, snow, grass, and more. Great for creating art frescos, temporary signs/directions, field markings and a ton of fun-filled activities! Washable, non-toxic chalk formula dissolves naturally over time with exposure to rain or water. Flat chalk finish instantly turns into powder as it sprays in vibrant colors, allowing for unique designs that are easy to see.Quantity: 1 Can Color: Blue Can Size: 6" Tall Chalk Spray - Blue by Party Brands

Blue/ 1 Can Barcode: 720053789065
Yellow/ 1 Can Barcode: 720053789072
Green/ 1 Can Barcode: 720053789089
Orange/ 1 Can Barcode: 720053789102
Magenta/ 1 Can Barcode: 720053789096
Red/ 1 Can Barcode: 720053789119
All Colors/ 72 Pack Barcode: 720053789058

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