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Balloon Inflator manually inflates 9" and larger latex balloons, valved latex and automatically inflates Qualatex Bubbles® and all size foil balloons to the correct pressure and size.

The Bubble Inflator automatically inflates Bubbles®, Deco Bubbles®, Double Bubbles® to "wrinkle-free seams" and foil balloons to the perfect pressure and size. Costly foil balloon breakage is eliminated and maximum flying time is assured. The foil inflating outlet points downward to allow for fast one-hand inflation of valved foil balloons with 100% helium.

Designed to allow you control over the speed of inflation, The Flex-Tilt Valve operates by tilting the valve in any direction to release the gas. Manually inflates 9" and larger latex balloons and valved latex.

Hand-tight connection makes it easy to connect to the tank and includes a pressure gauge that measures how much gas is still in the cylinder. For use with Helium and Nitrogen.

• Balloon Inflator
• Flex-Tilt Valve (For Latex Balloons)
• Auto-Fill Foil Outlet & Bubble Button (For Foil Balloons & Qualatex Bubbles®)
• Pressure Gauge
• Ribbon Cutter
• Disc Tyer Post
• Hand-Tight Connection

All Conwin Products Include:
• A Manufacturer Product Warranty on Manufacturer Defects and Product Workmanship.
• The Flo-Loc® - Conwin's exclusive safety feature that automatically activates if the inflator is damaged while under pressure, reducing the flow of gas to a safe level.

Important: Equipment is threaded for cylinders with CGA 580 valves (helium and nitrogen tanks). For international orders, please contact us.

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