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Effortlessly Transport Balloons!

Experience hassle-free transportation for balloons and arrangements with Hi-FLOAT's Balloon Transport Bags. Bags are designed to ensure minimal tangling, making your balloon transport a breeze.

Engineered with specialized ventilation, these bags play a crucial role in the proper drying of balloons treated with HI-FLOAT. The remarkable feature of these bags lies in their ability to facilitate drying without significantly affecting the float time of latex balloons.

Hi-FLOAT's Balloon Transport Bags provide an additional layer of protection. In the rare event of a HI-FLOAT treated balloon bursts before completing drying, the bags act as a barrier, effectively preventing any splatter or mess.

Elevate your balloon handling experience with the practicality and functionality of Hi-FLOAT's Balloon Transport Bags. Your balloons deserve the best, and we're here to deliver convenience with every transport.

Features & Benefits:
- Ideal for transporting HI-FLOAT treated balloons and arrangements with minimal tangling.
- Specially ventilated to allow balloons treated with HI-FLOAT to dry properly. Will not significantly reduce the float time of latex balloons.
- Prevents splatter or mess should a HI-FLOAT treated balloon burst before drying.
-Rolls can be cut to custom sizes

550 total feet of bags
Will transport up to 1,500 11" balloons.
Perfect for large decorating jobs.
Product Barcode: 796733000508