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Bring your Baby Shark Mini Shape party to life with this Baby Shark Mini foil mylar balloon! This Anagram balloon features Baby Shark and is perfect for party favors, centerpieces, gift baskets and add-on accessories. Balloon must be inflated with air only using a hand pump and sealed using a heat sealer. Balloon does not float and ships un-inflated. Cup and Stick not included. Balloon can be used with or without Cup and Sticks. Bring your Baby Shark party to life with this MINI SHAPE unique shaped Baby Shark foil mylar balloon!This Anagram balloon features Grandma shark, Grandpa shark, Daddy shark, Mommy Shark and Baby Shark and is perfect for using in a Baby Shark themed balloon bouquet or room decor. Pair with some of our other Baby Shark foil mylar and latex balloons for a great design! This balloon includes a self-sealing valve, preventing the gas from escaping after it's inflated. The balloon can be inflated with helium to float or with a balloon air inflator. Balloon arrives uninflated.

IMPORTANT: This product requires a Heat Sealer to seal the valve of the balloon. Click Here to view available Heater Sealers.

How to Heat Seal Mini Shape Foil Balloons Video:

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