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The FoilPro Inflator by PremiumConwin is the ultimate solution for air inflating all of your foil balloons to the correct pressure and size. No over-inflating foils! The foil balloon stops inflating when the correct pressure and size has been reached. The FoilPro Inflator also inflates multi-compartment foil balloons and on high-pressure mode, inflates latex balloons, Orbz and Bubbles.

Engineered with PremiumConwin's innovative "Cool Aire Technology," this inflator ensures the inflation process is safe and gentle on the balloons, using cooler air to prevent any risk of damaging self-sealing valves.

With the flexible extension hose, inflating multi-compartment balloons (like AirLoonz and AirWalkers) becomes a breeze. The FoilPro Inflator's convenient hands-free foot pedal allows for fast and easy inflation of multi-compartment foils.

Equipped with special nozzles, it provides the perfect inflation pressure for foils, latex, and high-pressure balloons. To add to its practicality, the FoilPro Inflator features suction-cup feet that securely hold it in place during inflation, ensuring stability and precision. Say hello to effortless, efficient, and damage-free balloon inflation with the FoilPro Inflator by Premium Conwin.


• Designed to air-inflate foils, Orbz, Bubbles, and latex balloons
• Cool Aire Tech: Inflates balloons with cooler air
• Safe Inflation: No valve damage
• Flexible Hose: Easy inflation of multi-compartment balloons
• Proper Inflation: Special nozzles for various balloons
• Special suction-cup feet secure FoilPro during inflation


  • FoilPro Inflator
  • 3 Nozzles: 1 - 14 groove nozzle for foil balloons, 1 nozzle for higher pressure balloons such as Orbz, and 1 nozzle for latex balloons
  • 1 - Flexi-Hose
  • 1 - Hands-Free Foot Pedal

Important: Equipment is 110 volt and recommended for use in USA, Canada, and Mexico. For use in other countries, please contact us.

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