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Designed for easy, hands-free air inflation of all multi-compartment foil balloons, latex, and high-pressure balloons.

• Uses Premium's patented "Cool Aire Technology" to inflate all balloons with cooler air.

• No risk of damaging self-sealing valves during inflation and eliminates topping off when air cools down.

• Flexible extension hose allows simple inflation of all multi compartment balloons.

• Hands-free foot pedal inflates multi-compartment foils fast and easy.

• Special nozzles provide proper inflation pressure for foils, latex, and high-pressure balloons.

• Special suction-cup feet secure FoilPro during inflation.

Quantity: 1

• FoilPro Inflator
• 3 Nozzles: 1 - 14 groove nozzle for foil balloons, 1 nozzle for higher pressure balloons such as Orbz, and 1 nozzle for latex balloons
• 1 - Flexi-Hose
• 1 - Hands-Free Foot Pedal