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Experience the ultimate in balloon sizing precision with the Holey Box – an ingeniously designed tool featuring 19 meticulously spaced holes. Ranging from 10 inches down to 2 1/2 inches, these holes provide an extensive range of sizing options:

10in, 9 1/2in, 9in, 8in, 7 1/2in, 6 1/2in, 6in, 5in, 4 3/4in, 4 1/2in, 4in, 3 3/4in, 3 1/2in, 3 1/4in, 3in, 2 3/4in, and 2 1/2in.

Perfect for event decorations, balloon arrangements, or creative endeavors, the Holey Box ensures your balloon sizing is consistently accurate. Streamline your balloon projects and elevate your balloon artistry with the precision of the Holey Box – your essential companion for creating perfectly sized balloon masterpieces.
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