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Chain Clip Refills are designed for the Automatic Balloon Clipper. Each chain consists of 25 connected clips, providing a convenient solution for balloon clipping.

The Automatic Balloon Clipper is an ideal alternative to manually tying latex balloons. It offers a swift and efficient method to clip balloons and ribbons in a single motion. With an impressive capacity to seal over 1,000 balloons per hour, this tool is indispensable for event planners, decorators, and party supply stores.

In addition, the Automatic Balloon Clipper enables the quick creation of duplets by snapping two latex balloons together. These duplets serve as the foundation for arches, columns, and organic balloon decor.

Automatic Balloon Clipper sold separately.
100 Pack Barcode: 769654949966
144 Pack Barcode: 769654949751
1000 Pack Barcode: 769654020016