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Anagram's Birthday Cake Stackers are easy to assemble, stackable pieces that create a visually stunning and intricate shape! Stackers are designed to be air-filled. No helium required!

Here's how they work: Simply place the longer foil balloon inside the un-inflated stackable balloons. Once in place, inflate each stackable balloon individually, creating a striking layered effect. The result? Stunning and eye-catching balloon arrangements that are sure to captivate any audience.

Stacker Balloons offer endless possibilities for imaginative decorations. Create a mesmerizing birthday themed balloon sculpture perfect for photo backdrops, cake tables, entry decor, head tables and other focal points throughout the event space.

They are also incredibly easy to use, making them suitable for both professionals and beginners alike.

Elevate your balloon decorations to new heights and impress your guests with the enchanting beauty of Anagram Balloon Stackers!

Balloons can be inflated with the included inflation straw, a balloon hand pump or foil balloon air inflator. Each balloon includes a self-sealing valve, preventing the air from escaping after it's inflated. Instruction included. Balloons arrive uninflated.
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