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Includes: 1 Base Plate

Additional AeroPole System Base Plates are great for expanding your indoor and outdoor balloon decor offerings and can be interlocked into one another to add more weight to another AeroPole base plate. System Pin Sold Separately.

The No-Helium Solution for Balloon Decor

Ideal for indoor or outdoor arches and columns, the Aeropole System is easy to store, transport, and set-up.

• Versatility for indoor and outdoor events - even in windy conditions
• Stackable 24 inch base plates
• Each base plate weighs 28 lbs.

Why you'll love it:
• No helium costs
• Quick return on your investment
• Easy to transport, set up, and store

The AeroPole System allows the balloon professional to create classic balloon decor without the need for Helium. Spectacular arches and columns support themselves with AeroPole allowing you put more money in your pocket. Depending on what you pay for helium, an AeroPole System kit can pay for itself in as little as two uses. The AeroPole System is modular. Its unique design allows you to make multiple size and shaped arches. A single kit can make up to a 35ft. arch. Arches from 25ft. to 50ft. are easy to do when add additional poles. Columns can be as short as 5ft. and as tall as 20ft.