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The Easy Way to Create Air-Filled Arches!

The AeroPole System Kit allows balloon professionals to create decor without the need for Helium. Designed as a modular system, Aeropole Poles connect together allowing the designer to offer arches and columns in increments of 5ft lengths. Columns can be as short as 5ft and as tall as 15ft.

Easy to transport and set-up, the AeroPole System Kit can be used for both indoor and outdoor decor.

The 5ft poles are easy to connect and attach into the 28 lbs. Base Plates using the included Aeropole System Pins. The Base Plate features 5 connection points, allowing you to create one arch or daisy chain Base Plates together to create one arch after another.

Combine kits to be able to offer arches up to 50ft in length.

Kit Includes:
• 1 - Set of AeroPole Poles (1 - 5ft. Starter Pole and 6 - 5ft. Splice Poles)
• 2 - AeroPole System Pins
• 2 - AeroPole 28 lbs. Base Plates




Product Barcode: 720053789713