U-GLU 1 inch x 3 inch ADHESIVE STRIPS



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UGlu Contractor Pack features 20mil rubber based mounting adhesive in a small pack of 25 strips or a large case pack of 250 strips - size of each strip is 1" x 3".

Application: Perfect for adhering balloons and decor together in smaller size applications. U-Glu is used in mounting, bonding, securing, temporary holding and the installation of balloon decor.

This product adheres well to all types of balloons - both Latex and Foil Mylar and plastic balloons.

Color: Transparent Clear

Benefits: Clean removal. Highly conformable. Good adhesion. Permanent bond. Low temperature application. Quick stick. Good solvent resistance. Acid Free. VOC Free. Totally "green" product.

Features: Quick Stick, Good Adhesion, Low Temperature Application , Short Term - High Temperature Resistance, Permanent Bond, Clean Removal, Highly Conformable, Good Chemical Resistance, Good Solvent Resistance, pH Neutral, Good Moisture Resistance, Made in the USA

25 Strips Barcode: 720053790054
250 Strips (Full Pack) Barcode: 073940900006