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Quantity: 1 Box / 200 Dashes
Color: Transparent / Clear

U-Glu Dashes are the ultimate adhesive solution for your balloon and decor needs. The U-Glu Dashes Roll features 20mil rubber-based mounting adhesive squares, conveniently presented on a roll in a compact 1/2" x 5/8" size. These versatile adhesive squares are perfect for smaller-sized applications, securely adhering balloons and decor together. Whether you're mounting, bonding, securing, or installing balloon decor, U-Glu Dashes provide reliable and long-lasting results.

With exceptional adhesion properties, U-Glu Dashes adhere well to all types of balloons, including latex, foil mylar, and plastic balloons. The transparent clear color ensures a seamless and discreet application, maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your decorations.

Experience the numerous benefits of U-Glu Dashes: they offer clean removal without leaving residue, are highly conformable to various surfaces, provide a strong permanent bond, and can be applied at low temperatures. Their quick stick properties and good resistance to solvents and chemicals make them reliable in any environment. As a "green" product, U-Glu Dashes are VOC-free, acid-free, and made in the USA, ensuring both quality and sustainability.

Trust U-Glu Dashes for their exceptional performance, versatility, and ease of use. Whether you're crafting balloon displays, creating temporary installations, or engaging in various bonding projects, U-Glu Dashes deliver unparalleled reliability and convenience.

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